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Photography / Photos

      I take all the photos used on this site. I  do the best to capture the accurate colors of every piece. I do not spend hours on the computer trying to make the stones look prettier than they are. As a rule the stones are far prettier than I can show in a photograph. I do not alter any photos on this site.

Sterling Silver Pendants

    All my pendants are set in .925 sterling silver. I now do all the silver smithing myself. Some pendants will have a note in their description if I had another silver smith do the work for me. I only used a few people I knew personally to make some very special pendants which required skills beyond mine to create.


     All measurements and weights of stones, pendants and any other item on this web site are approximate. I do not sell calibrated size cabochons. All cabochons here are handmade and vary in size and shape. I cut the stone where I feel nature meant it to be cut in order to get the most beautiful image.

Self collected Agates and Jaspers Hand Mined

   I have been actively mining and collecting jasper and agate for 30 years. Living in the Northwest USA I have focused my collecting in this great region. 

  I mine Deer Sky picture jasper, Coyote Ridge picture jasper and Fantasy Plume Agate on my own claims. All mining is done by hand.  I also collected regional materials in Oregon, Montana, Washington, Utah, California and Idaho. 

     The following is a list of rocks I try to keep in inventory. Willow Creek jasper, Montana Dendritic Agate, Owyhee Picture Jasper, Rocky Butte picture jasper, British Columbia BC Jade, Bertrandite, Tiffany Stone, Queenstone, Hells Canyon Herringbone Petrified Wood, Gem Black Jasper, Owyhee Blue Opal, Rhodonite, Dinosaur Bone, Pietersite. While I concentrate on material from the Northwest USA, I also try and keep a mix of the most beautiful jaspers and agates I can find.


Stone Identification, Disclaimers

Stone Identification;

    I mine much of my own stone and purchase a lot from miners who also dig their own jasper and agate. In cases where I purchase a stone I have to rely on the seller as to the stones proper name in some cases. As such, I do the best to have 100 % accurate names on the cabochons and pendants but cannot guarantee it. 


    I sell cabochons I manufacture by hand. Any cabochon I sell that I did not make myself will be clearly identified as to who made it. No factory or mass produced items will ever be re-sold on my web site.


    All pendants are .925 sterling silver.  I now make all the pendants in my shop as well.  In the past I contracted with several friends I knew personally to make the settings for some of my pendants. These folks had skills required to make large and elaborate pendant settings I do not have.

My Shop

     I have a small private shop, no store. My shop is in a rural area southwest of Portland, Oregon. 

     While I do need quiet and solitude to create I did put one small window in my shop. As I polish the stones I can look out my window and see the small fruit orchard I am starting. There are a lot of birds and assorted wildlife just past the orchard area where a creek runs through some wild shrubs and trees. 

    All the inspiration I need provided by nature.